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Cartoon highlighting the excitement of lumpy direct mail
Want to get noticed? How many emails did you receive today? And how many letters? Lumpy Direct Mail will get your message read, read on for more info...
Andrew collecting his Distributor of the Year award
With so many Promotional Products distributors how do you choose who to work with? An award winning company and one with Five Star Reviews is a great start!
promotional products
There are so many Promotional Products to choose from, to make the best choice read on to find out why you need a promotional product expert.
Image from Infographic highlighting recall
Promotional Products Work and should be in your marketing mix, 88% of recipients of Promotional Products can recall the advertiser, for more stats read on..
Sussex Promotions 2019 Desktop Calendar
Desktop Calendars are the most cost effective advertising medium, what other marketing medium is almost guaranteed to be seen every working day?
Gadgets and swag
If you were glued to every single box set of Mad Men, you’ll know something about the history of advertising and the way it simultaneously appeals to nostalgia and the future, blending old and new into successful marketing campaigns. In fact the 50s, the decade in which the earliest episodes of the show was set, […]
Silicone Wristband
They’re as much a fashion accessory as a marketing tool, but the ever-popular silicone band is a cost-effective and savvy way of raising your brand awareness. Durable, highly customisable and easy to distribute, a high-quality silicone wristband puts your logo and brand name directly around your recipient’s wrist. How it all began Back in 2004, […]
Creative promotional products
While marketers focus their attention on the increasingly crowded online market, the numbers don’t lie: with a recipient keeping your promotional product on their desk for an average of eight months, you’ll remain top of mind while your tweets and posts are lost in the ephemera of social media. In fact, if you give your […]
Promotional Products piggy
Back in 1983, NatWest bank started a promotional giveaway to encourage young savers to open an account. Deposit £5 and you’d walk away with a cute little pig shaped piggy bank known as Baby Woody. If you’d saved £25 after six months then you’d receive sister Annabelle. £50 after a year and you’d be the […]
Promotional plushies
From the British & Irish Lions Rugby Union cuddly Lion mascot to 2012’s Wenlock and Mandeville, plush soft toys make great bespoke promotional giveaways, in 1966 we had World Cup Willie and in 2016 the BPMA used Ellie the Elephant who joined me on my Lands End to John O’Groats charity cycle ride. In one […]