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How to build a great T-shirt marketing campaign

According to the PPAI, Promotional Products Association International, wearables continue to dominate the promotional products scene with over 30% of the market. There’s no doubt that if you can put together a great T-shirt design then you’ll create not only a must-have piece of marketing, but something that’s must-wear. And each time your T-shirt is worn to the beach, or a party, or even to work, it’s creating thousands of impressions and reaching into areas you may not even have envisaged.

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Are you stressed out? Why everyone needs a stress ball.

Did you know that the stress ball has been around in one form or another since the Han Dynasty (26-220 AD)? Or that the first modern stress ball was designed to be thrown not squeezed? We often talk about feeling stressed out, but manipulating an object with your fingers has been an effective stressbuster for centuries and probably originates with Chinese warriors, who trained with walnuts.

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Is your promotional merchandise fit for 2018?

You may not have heard of Mapt Gear but they may be about to change the face of promotional products forever. According to founder Lynne Lambert, the days of heavily logoed promotional swag may be over. However useful that powerbank or insulated cup may be, changing trends in the promotional products space mean that the days of simply slapping a logo over a hastily chosen promotional item may be numbered and maybe its time to review your promotional merchandise & check its in keeping with 2018 .

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Spring forward with fashion forward colour trends

Spring is just around the corner, and with it multiple opportunities to reward customers with promotional products for Easter, Mother’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Earth Day, April Fool’s Day and more. There’s plenty of buzz currently in the industry around replicating the retail fashion experience in promo products and using high street brands for branded apparel, but colour can be hugely important when choosing promotional products.

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When Mad Men meets the internet: the continuing appeal of promotional products

If you were glued to every single box set of Mad Men, you’ll know something about the history of advertising and the way it simultaneously appeals to nostalgia and the future, blending old and new into successful marketing campaigns. In fact the 50s, the decade in which the earliest episodes of the show was set, was something of a mecca for promotional products, with companies really embracing the benefits of promoting their brand identity with customised gifts chosen from catalogues.

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