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Mythbusting: Debunking the Myths Around Promotional Products.

Most marketers know the value of promotional products as part of a mixed marketing approach. Others, however, can fall for some of the myths and misconceptions about promotional merchandise, which means they’re missing out on one of the most effective weapons in the marketeer’s armoury.

If you’ve ever wondered whether promo products are really worth the outlay, or thought that perhaps you should invest in mainstream media instead, read on and prepare to have some myths and preconceptions well and truly busted.

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Why you need to reinvent the customer experience.

Did you know that you’re up to 70% more likely to sell to an existing customer, yet companies are spending 5 times more on attracting new customers than on retaining their loyal customer base. In fact, in a 2015 survey, 60% of retailers reported retention rates of less than 20%. If that’s happening to your business, and you’re beginning to feel that customer acquisition costs are spiralling out of control, you need to start thinking about ways you can reinvent the customer experience and retain the customers you do have.

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Building a marketing mix for the 21st century!

The concept of a marketing mix isn’t new – in fact it’s over 60 years old. The idea was first discussed by E. Jerome McCarthy, one of the early gurus of marketing, in his 1960 book ‘Basic Marketing: A Managerial Approach’. McCarthy identified four basic elements that every marketing campaign needed, and dubbed them the four Ps: product, price, promotion and place.

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Why promotional products still count when you want to make an impact.

While marketers focus their attention on the increasingly crowded online market, the numbers don’t lie: with a recipient keeping your promotional product on their desk for an average of eight months, you’ll remain top of mind while your tweets and posts are lost in the ephemera of social media. In fact, if you give your recipient an umbrella then they’ll hang on to it for at least 14 months which is 14 months longer than a pop-up ad.

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The top takeaways from US, Europe & UK 2018 Expos

Every January, the great and the good of the promotional products world gather in Las Vegas, Dusseldorf and the UK to set the trends for the next 12 months. This is one occasion when what happens at the shows thankfully doesn’t stay there: instead, the top trends for the next 12 months in the industry start to emerge.

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Is it too early to talk promotional product trends for 2018?

With the PPAI Expo in full swing, it may be a little early to talk about promotional product trends for the coming year. But when you’re putting your marketing plans together it pays to have an idea of the kinds of promo items that will differentiate your brand from the competition. And being clued into the latest product trends will produce a better return on your investment across the year and deliver a bigger bang for your marketing buck.

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Promotional Products to the rescue on the most depressing day of the year!

According to the BPMA, 89 percent of consumers have received a promotional product in the last six months of which 79 percent are likely to do business with that brand. 81 percent of recipients will keep their gift for over a year, creating plenty of opportunities for repeat impressions and exposure, so it’s no surprise that promo products are ranked the number-one most effective form of advertising with every demographic from the millennials to the baby boomers. Sometimes we just need a little excuse for putting a great promo item in the hands of our customers, so we’ve come up with 12 excuses for 2018, including making your clients smile on the most depressing day of the year!

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How to win with promotional products

If you’ve never added promotional products to the marketing mix before, then 2018 might just be the year to start. According to ASI research, promotional items are as effective today as they’ve ever been, with a promotional pen staying on the real desktop for an average of 8 months: significantly longer than a pop-up or a social media post stays on the virtual one. And because over 60% of recipients will re-gift a pen or other item, these keep on creating impressions for much longer. But before you can decide which are the best promotional items to win with, these are the products that will definitely be a big fail with your customers.

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Want to supercharge your brand in 2018? Promotional products are key

Everyone likes a freebie – and they’re a fantastic way to ramp up brand awareness. Here’s how. Any marketing professional will tell you that an effective marketing campaign depends on an effective marketing mix. But if you want to really supercharge your brand in 2018 and take your campaigns from good to great, you need to be using promotional products in your marketing mix. Why? Because a well-thought-out freebie can create unparalleled buzz and excitement around your brand. So if you want to boost your brand awareness, then you need next-level promotional products.

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