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Choosing the Right Promotional Products for the Mobile Lifestyle

A mobile phone for $1000, no longer is this a technology but a complete lifestyle that’s influencing everything from the way we work to the way we shop and the way advertisers target consumers. The biggest buzzword in marketing these days is ‘mobile first’, and workplaces are scrambling to adapt to the Millennials who want flexible and mobile working. So where do promotional products fit into this mobile world?

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How to get your brand noticed at trade shows.

Trade shows are alot of work, for a successful show there is almost as much time spent before and after the show as the show itself, all shows are therefore a big investment irrespective of the actual show cost and if not done right will deliver a low return. However, with some forward planning, and considered follow-up your next trade show can really get your brand – or your startup – noticed.

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Designing a Marketing Campaign for the Great British Summer including Promotional Merchandise

John Lewis, who already have a lock on the ‘most awaited Christmas ad campaign’ title, are now aiming squarely at the summer months with their ‘National Treasure’ campaign, backed up with a range of promotional merchandise.

Featuring bright and cartoon like graphics from British artist Paul Thurlby, the range of printed mugs, bags and tea towels capture iconic moments from the Great British Summer, while items like ice cream cone fans and watermelon inflatables bring playfulness to those items.

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Image reading Guidelines

The Top Ten Guidelines for Successful Promotional Products

As the temperature soars, a nice cold beverage is something that everyone enjoys. And while we don’t condone irresponsible drinking, a bottle opener can be an extremely handy promotional giveaway in the summer months. Why? Because it obeys the top ten rules for a successful promotional product. So once you’ve brainstormed your next promotional campaign and you’ve decided on the products you intend to use, whether it’s a bottle opener or a printed pen, promotional items that obey these guidelines will be perfect for your business, whatever the time of year.

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Image of the Natwest Pig Piggybanks

From Promotional Giveaway to Valuable Collectible: What Makes Branded Items So Valuable?

Back in 1983, NatWest bank started a promotional giveaway to encourage young savers to open an account. Deposit £5 and you’d walk away with a cute little pig shaped piggy bank known as Baby Woody. If you’d saved £25 after six months then you’d receive sister Annabelle. £50 after a year and you’d be the proud owner of big brother Maxwell. If you’d saved £75 after 18 months then you received Lady Hillary, and if you managed to grow your savings to £100 in two years then the biggest of the lot, Sir Nathaniel Westminster, was your reward. Today remaining piggy banks have become a valuable collectible, the ultimate merchandise goal.

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Image of The Tour de France logo

How many branded Promotional Items will be handed out during the Tour de France?!

The Tour de France is one of the greatest sporting events in the world, having rolled out of Dusseldorf on 1 July to start its 3,540 km journey around the hexagon of France, it is accompanied by the caravan, the collection of publicity vehicles that arrives an hour before the race, throwing pens, keyrings and all manner of other promotional products into the crowd. In fact, during the three weeks of the race, the 160 vehicles in the caravan will hand out over 16 million promotional items, around 32 tons of freebies!!

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Image of green grass and blue sky

The Grass is Greener and more eco-friendly with Promotional Products

It’s that time of the year again, when men and women in pristine white take to the impeccable emerald turf of Wimbledon. During this Wimbledon fortnight a whopping 28,000 kg of strawberries will be consumed, with a fair proportion being provided by a nearby urban farm that lies 179 steps beneath street level in a disused WWII bomb shelter at Clapham Common Underground station.

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Growing Your Business with Promotional Products

A recent study by the Advertising Speciality Institute confirmed what those of us who believe in the power of promotional products have known for some time – that promotional items are one of the most cost effective and impactful types of advertising for growing your business. It’s further proof that the RoI on promotional products is exceptional, with 85% of respondents stating that they can remember the name of a company that gave them a promotional item.

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Image of a Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinners, stress balls & frisbees are boosting productivity in the workplace

Fidget Spinners, stress balls & frisbees are boosting productivity in the workplace so whether you have a large organisation and are looking to improve the numbers or  if you’re looking to communicate your marketing message to a stressed out audience consider these three great promotional product ideas for delivering the message.

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