Printed Sports Bottles – The Perfect Promotional Item?

In the past I’ve written of the 5 key ingredients for success with promotional products, Printed Sports Bottles are a very popular product line with us and when measured against my 5 key ingredients you can see they’re a perfect promotional item.

The ingredients for success are:

  1. The ‘promotional product’ has to be useful
  2. Secondly the product should be colourful
  3. The design needs to be appealing
  4. Avoid the false economy
  5. Understand your objective

Take a look at the below, and immediately we can see why printed sports bottles make such great promotional products.

H2O Water Bottles

Is the product useful?

It used to be just the preserve of sports people training that would have the need for carrying water / sports drink. As the importance of hydration in everyday life has become more mainstream, everyone from school kids to office workers are carrying water with them. All target demographics will appreciate this promotional gift.

The product is colourful.

Available in vast different colour ways with added versatility with the option for a secondary colour with different coloured lid options to the bottle colour.

If the colour of a printed logo is more important, then white or translucent bottles with a colour printed logo and maybe complimentary lid colour will work well also.

Appealing designs

There are many alternative styles the sports bottles comes in, the appeal further enhanced through colour combinations and printed logos as mentioned above, in particular the product works well with clubs where the colour combination & print identifies with the club, the user either being a supporter or a member.

The False Economy

The ingredient “avoiding the false economy” by this we refer to basically buying on price and ending up with a ‘bargain’ but as a result a promotional item that is not going to be used as there are better quality products that recipients will use over & above the bargain. Promotional Sports bottles are no different, pay that little bit extra for features that people will love and the marketing effectiveness improves exponentially.

There is no point engaging with promotional products if you don’t understand your purpose and your objective, but if a printed promotional sports bottle is going to be well received by your target audience and you have a message to deliver, then it’s quite possibly perfect!

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