Choosing the right Promotional Products.

How do you go about choosing the right Promotional Products for your campaigns ?

More often than not customers tell us which promotional products they are wanting quotes for, which is absolutely fine, but I do ask my sales teams to ask if you are choosing the right Promotional Products?!


Because…. “you don’t know what you don’t know!”

Who is the expert?

At Sussex Promotions we take a lot of calls for 500 cheap printed pens, or 100 printed mugs, or stress balls or embroidered polo shirts but these requests are typically based on what that the customer knows.

The requests are based on the product knowledge of the buyer, not the knowledge of the promotional product expert.

What if there is a much better printed promotional product available that is perfect for your target audience, perfect for your message, but you don’t know about?

Our supply chain continues to design and introduce new product lines, new print techniques provide opportunities that maybe didn’t exist just last year.

If my team don’t ask why? and if you don’t ask, you’ll never find out about it! And you won’t be choosing the right Promotional Products for your campaign!

Some questions that need answers:

  • Why are you looking for promotional items?
    • Which will lead into….
  • What are you wanting to achieve, to communicate?
  • Who are the customers / prospects?
  • What do they do? What do they like? What will be useful to them?
  • Are they ladies or men? What age? Demographic? Office or Field based?
  • Where are they based? How are you reaching / distributing to them?
  • What are the logistics & storage considerations?
  • What does your logo / message involved, how many colours, how big?
  • What is the budget for the project, per unit?
  • Etc etc.

Sussex Promotions is a team of promotional product, branded merchandise enthusiasts… sure we’ll be delighted to supply you the best-selling branded pen that are the printed contour pens.

But if you tell us why you want that promotional product?

Then you might end up choosing the right Promotional Products with something very different, interesting and engaging for your target audience.

Choosing the right Promotional Products

Promotional products work if they are useful to the target audience, if they engage with the customer, if they use it every day, they will see your name, brand, logo, message.

The printed pen might be perfect, it often is, but Sussex Promotions has a team in sales and in design who might have a better pen, or an idea for how your brand can be brought to life or a new idea that your audience will love.

Ultimately, we want to deliver maximum ROI, and help you choosing the right Promotional Products.

The team is available on 01273 493618, we look forward to hearing from you!