Chocolate Promotional Products, one of my favourites!

There are literally thousands of promotional products but some are real winner, one of my favourites are using Chocolate Promotional Products!

My first job was on a graduate training programme within the Office Products market, part of the programme was working with sales.

It struck me that sending a catalogue to a new client in the post in an envelope was exactly what all the competition would do.

So instead we starting hand delivering (that change the delivery time from all other post).

We used a printed carrier bag (that changed the packaging) instead of an envelope and inside was a catalogue, some product samples and in summer we added the treat of a bag of skittles and in the winter chocolate.

This was my first foray into using Chocolate as a sales & marketing tool and it certainly made for warmer follow-up calls.

Since entering the promotional product market I’ve realised the opportunities available with printed chocolates and confectionery items and it’s definately one of my favourites!

Little Fireworks of Happiness!

One of the key strengths to Promotional Products is their longevity, ensure a product is useful and it has the potential to hang around a long time communicating your message.

Printed chocolates and sweets are of course consumed, the packaging often discarded, although sometimes the packaging can make a useful container / pill pot.

But the use of promotional confectionery is not about ongoing promotion, it is about breaking the ice, saying thank you, building relationships, it is heart warming and cracks a smile on your customers and/or prospects’ faces.

I like our analogy of promotional products being Marketing Ninjas, they typically occupy Prime Marketing Real Estate such as your customer’s desktop, if useful they sit there everyday, being seen, being used and 24/7 deliver your brand, your logo, your message – silent ruthless marketing assassins!

Promotional sweets and chocolate promotional products however are more like little fireworks of happiness, they don’t hang around, they don’t continue to deliver that message but they do for a very short instance deliver happiness and when starting a relationship or building a relationship the little details matter.

We have many promotional sweet and printed chocolate solutions available in innovative packaging that can all be printed, there are also biscuit tins, mints, jelly beans, certainly plenty of choice.

The right Packaging for your Chocolate Promotional Products

Part of the decision making process as to the right sweets or chocolates is going to be largely influenced by the packaging available.

How the sweets and chocolate promotional products are going to be distributed will influence the choice of packaging and then narrowing the decision further will be the print requirements of the marketer and what print options either the sweet itself or the packaging offers.

If we are giving out promotional confectionery at a trade show or using a sales force to hand deliver then the size and shape of the packaging might have little bearing on the decision, however if the campaign is to create lumpy mail for a direct mail postal campaign then of course weight & size is going to have a major influence.

A Tin of Sweets, literally using a can with ring pull just like a tin of baked beans is a great form of packaging for trade shows and handing out sweets, however while certainly lumpy not necessarily the best mailer.

Chocolate Promotional Products Mailers

In our video below we love the 9 pack of Neapolitan Chocolates that will make a great addition to any mailing, we have a mortgage adviser client who adds these to his final mailing pack to his clients with all the contracts. He has of course done the deal but his little added treat is firstly unexpected and secondly just says thank you, and for Dean a major source of new clients is via referral, it can be the little things that just make the difference.

We use the Neapolitan Chocolate Squares ourselves for our own little thank yous, we send mugs to new clients after a job is complete and add to that mug a little bag of 6 printed Neapolitan Chocolate squares that always go down a treat and encourage customers to say a little thank you back. Another little firework of happiness!

In the video we also look at the box of 4 printed (scrummy!!) handmade Belgian chocolates come in a wide range of fillings and flavours! Yes the actual chocolate itself is printed! That in itself makes people stop, look, smile raise a question if at a trade show or conference. While they might not get shared, they do often get talked about!

So if you are looking to create that little firework of happiness, open doors, start an event with a smile, treat your audience with tea & chocolate, surprise and delight with a little lumpy mail then I recommend promotional sweets and printed chocolates, just remember to consider the logistics of delivery and the amount of print and we can help you narrow down the options. A good starting point is the web category: Promotional Sweets

Alternatively please just call us and we’ll find you the right printed promo sweets or chocolates for your marketing campaign, 01273 493618

If you’ve used Sweets or Chocolates we’d love to hear what you’ve used and how you presented them and have they worked?