The Brite Dock, more than just a mobile phone holder!

Brite Dock

When I’m speaking with clients it is always a fair question when they ask, “so what Promotional Products do you use?” Well we use a fantastic pink mug filled with chocolate that we send as a thank you after every first order, we have pink pens that we give-away like business cards, and recently we … [Read more...]

Promotional Products make great Lumpy Mail!


Attending a conference or an exhibition it is very easy to get overwhelmed with materials and promotional products that sponsors, exhibitors and trainers may be giving away. I feel that a common trap SMEs fall into is the need to keep up with the Jones’s, we must have a goody bag because everyone … [Read more...]

Getting untangled with Promotional Products!

promotional products

As many of you will know I have this past month run a Marathon, and also had a fantastic week away from it all by sailing in Scotland. In that time I used a particular product more than ever, I was forever using headphones plugged into my iphone and running or relaxing with music. And every … [Read more...]

Add some colour to your promotions with Promotional Highlighters!

As you will know my number one mantra for promotional products is for the gift to be useful, but that does not mean it has to be expensive nor does it have to be ‘techy’. The key is that the product supplied is ‘used’ if it is not then the logo or call to action is irrelevant, as the product is … [Read more...]

How the Brite Dock can really help your business this year?


How the Brite-Dock can really help your business this year? If you’ve being reading the blog for a while you’ll know I’m a big fan of Direct Mail, I know so many businesses who are focused on the ‘New Kid on the Block’ (Social Media!) that traditional forms or marketing have been dropped, and … [Read more...]

iCling – Where will you stick yours!


Can you imagine a product that has all the functionality and benefits of both a magnet and a sticker, but without the negatives? A cheap product that can be printed in volume and in full colour A product that is durable A product that will stick anywhere…but can be peeled AND re-applied … [Read more...]

Brite-Dock – Great new Mailable Promotional Product!


At Sussex Promotions we’re big fans of Direct Mail, even more so when that Direct Mail piece includes a promotional product that will promote your message day after day. The most important feature, and the drum we bang loudest, is that for success from a promotional product that item has to be … [Read more...]

Marketing in 2012 through Individually Personalised Promotional Products

Marketing in 2012 through Individually Personalised Promotional Products November & December are of course great times for looking at what’s gone on during the year, and looking forward to the next and planning the goals and objectives for the business, myself and members of the team. I’ll … [Read more...]

Calendars – The Perfect Christmas Gifts in the “Current Climate”

Bespoke Promotional Calendar

Calendars - The Perfect Christmas Gifts in the "Current Climate" It’s 29 degrees, our converted cattle shed, now office, is like a furnace and the forecast for the weekend is fantastic, beach hut here we come! Sadly though I’m not referring to the weather outside but the less inspiring … [Read more...]

Your business can still thrive offline – think Promotional Products!

A leading industry expert has finally said what everyone was already thinking. By declaring that "not every business will need every aspect of their business online," Mr Kingsland, a director for a respected online educational site, has finally acknowledged the elephant in the room! Although … [Read more...]