Desktop Calendars, the most cost effective advertising medium.

In today’s virtual world Desktop Calendars are not going to be most marketers idea of the most cost effective advertising medium available! But what other marketing mediums are guaranteed to be seen every working day?

Prime Marketing Real Estate.

If your target audience sits at a desk for a large proportion of the day then that work space is absolutely prime marketing real estate if you can occupy part of that space. This is why coasters or mouse mats have in the past been such effective promotional products as they sit in this space and are so visible.

Premiums v. Gifts

At this time of year we and our customers move our attention away from what I might call advertising premiums and look instead for business gifts. With the desktop in mind I think printed, personalised, calendars are a great gift but they also represent 12 months repeat advertising.

This year we have produced a business gift which we feel is a nice thank you to our top 100 customers for their business this year. Our customer base is nation-wide so a mailable item is essential. We have tried to go the extra mile using bespoke photography that has been taken across Sussex when Andrew & his friends have been out on the mountain bikes in our beautiful county that is our name-sake.

Sussex Promotions 2019 desktop Calendar

Desktop Calendars – 12 month product!

This promotional desktop calendar will hopefully be well received. It’s a nice quality product, useful of course, it does its primary job of saying “thank you” to our customers.

But by the nature of what it is this gift of course has a 12 month shelf life. It will act as a subtle reminder of us to our customers for all of next year, sat in their prime marketing real estate.

Just re-read the above, it’s the really important part and it’s why I think Desk Top Calendars are the most cost effective advertising medium:

  • a gift that has a 12 month shelf life
  • subtle reminder
  • ALL of next year
  • sat in prime marketing real estate

Wine & Chocolates?

Now yes, you can spend just as much money on a couple of bottles of wine, on boxes of chocolates or tubs of sweets, which will be well received, may be better received initially.

But as December progresses all the other suppliers’ bottles of wine, boxes of chocolates and tubs of sweets merge into one collection. They’ll be distributed amongst the team but none are really remembered and certainly not come mid January!

How are you saying thank you and Merry Christmas to your customers this December?

If you would like help with promotional products for your customers give us a call on 01273 493618 or leave a comment below.