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Love Island’s Personalised Water Bottles are this summer’s must have.

From the Gululu water bottle that uses the old idea of the Tamagochi virtual friend to the buzz around the personalised water bottles on Love Island, it looks like water bottles are the must have promotional products accessory of the summer.

I’m not watching Love Island, honest 😉 my sons are!

Personalised Water Bottles

Love Island seems to have seized the public imagination like never before this year, and is inescapable on social media where the ins and outs of the relationships on the dating reality show seem to be always trending. However, what seems to have really caught the imagination of twitter users is not the sexual shenanigans but the water bottle from which the uniformly attractive daters drink.

Like Coke’s hugely successful ‘share a Coke’ campaign, these personalised water bottles have become an absolute must have and are selling through the show’s accompanying app for £15 each. It’s a price the show’s legion of fans seem more than happy to pay. The bottles themselves are unremarkable, but it’s all about the personalisation and the close identification with the show.

Exactly like the successful Coke campaign, Love Island is targeted squarely at teens and Millennials and the personalised water bottles act on the idea that, in the Age of You, such personalisation is completely irresistible. However ironic the interest in Love Island and its personalised water bottles may be, the interest they have generated serves to give viewers their own little piece of the brand.

Image of the Love Island bottle within the TV show's bespoke App store.

Make a Friend

Where the Love Island works on teens and Millennials who want a piece of the island lifestyle through a personalised accessory, the Gululu is aimed squarely at younger children who may not drink enough water, which can lead to cognitive impairment and poor health. Trying to persuade your offspring to stay hydrated can be a struggle for any parent – research shows that around 50% of children and young people don’t drink enough liquid – but a bottle that helps an animated pet to grow is sure to help.

It works like this: your child chooses a virtual pet from the Gululu website and as they drink from their water bottle, their pet develops becoming a proper companion and expressing a range of emotions from sadness and loneliness to happiness. The more often your child remembers to drink, the happier their virtual friend will be.

And the application of technology doesn’t stop there. Kids can shake their bottles together to make their Gululu friends pals with each other, while parents can track water intake on the smartphone app. To put it simply, Gululu just might be the tech savvy way to encourage your child to make good health choices.

Summer Fun

There’s no doubt that focusing your summer advertising campaigns around a promotional water bottle is a smart move, because when the thermometer climbs everybody needs water. Therefore providing your customers with reusable water bottles will create a positive connection and lasting memory because you’ve fulfilled a need.

Branded water bottles give you a substantial space on which to print your logo on a promotional product that everyone will be happy to have in the summer. They also have an extraordinary reach, being useful for both the office and for leisure activities like going to the gym or a day at the beach.

Image of the Tutti Frutti personalised water bottles range available for branding by companies by Sussex Promotions
The Tutti Frutti water bottle available in white plus four alternative base colours with a company logo or message printed

Expand Your Brand Awareness

The number of impressions your branded water bottle will make notwithstanding, the water bottle is an exceptional promotional product because it’s eye catching and functional and will help to drive the message that your company promotes healthy choices.

The range of events for which you can use water bottles is endless and there’s a style to suit every budget, from metal bottles to BPA free plastic bottles that come in a wide range of colours – and many resemble the much sought after Love Island model.

We have a wide range of shapes, styles, materials and colours – the catalogue collection can be found here.

Though not as inexpensive as a branded pen, a logo water bottle plays into the exclusivity of the personalised bottle and its sheer usefulness makes it a must have in hot weather.

Stay Safe in the Sun

Of course staying adequately hydrated in the summer isn’t the only safety precaution you need to take, and if you want to take the water bottle one step further you could put together a ‘summer sun safety kit’ for favoured customers, top employees or even as a prize in a social media contest. Alongside the branded water bottle you could include branded sunscreen to protect the skin, sunglasses for the eyes and a large logo golf umbrella to act as a sunshade.

Putting together this kind of a pack – you could also include a first aid kit and a safety whistle – not only shows your appreciation for clients and employees but puts your brand out there wherever people are having fun. And when the recipients apply lotion or slip on their shades they’ll be creating favourable impressions of your brand with a product that never seems to go out of style.

Drinkware is one of our favourite product categories from printed mugs, branded sport bottles, thermal mugs and cups – they make great gifts and due to their usefulness they generate massive impressions of your brand every day with your target audience.

Please do contact the sales team for quotes and visuals of promotional drinkware for your next campaign this summer.


From Promotional Giveaway to Valuable Collectibles

Back in 1983, NatWest bank started a promotional giveaway to encourage young savers to open a bank account. Their promo giveaway became valuable collectibles.

The giveaway started with a deposit of £5 and you’d walk away with a cute little pig shaped piggy bank known as Baby Woody. If you’d saved £25 after six months then you’d receive sister Annabelle. £50 after a year and you’d be the proud owner of big brother Maxwell. If you’d saved £75 after 18 months then you received Lady Hillary, and if you managed to grow your savings to £100 in two years then the biggest of the lot, Sir Nathaniel Westminster, was your reward.

Today remaining piggy banks have become a valuable collectible, the ultimate merchandise goal.

This Little Piggy is worth a fortune

The offer ended in 1988, and during that five year span English ceramics manufacturer Wade produced over five million of these piggy money banks.

Because relatively few children were able to complete the full set, Sir Nathaniel Westminster now commands a price of £60-130 a piece. Other banks followed suit, but no savings promotion ever replicated the popularity of NatWest’s piggy banks.

If you’re really lucky you might stumble on a golden Woody, clothed in gold leaf – only 25 were ever made and they now sell for around the £1,000 mark.

So what makes the NatWest piggies so popular? Partially it’s nostalgia and, of course, the scarcity of some figures like Sir Nathaniel and a late addition, Cousin Wesley, of whom only 5,000 figures were made. Ceramics are easily broken, giving more rarity value to complete sets in good condition. And never underestimate the power of a brand to give value to collectible items.

The $900 Happy Meal Toy

That’s not a typo. If you managed to collect every single one of the 80 Furby figures that McDonald’s gave away in the 1990s then the set is now worth $900 to an avid collector. If you remember the Beanie Babies craze then you won’t be surprised to know that a set of 10 Beanie Babies in original wrappers and mint condition are currently worth nearly $400 to avid collectors.

In fact, there are whole communities that exist solely to trade Happy Meal collectibles, with a set of figures from the recent Minions film currently selling for as high as $500. The market for these branded giveaways is huge and the success of the Minions set proves that it’s not age that determines how collectible a promotional product is, but desirability.

It’s impossible to know quite why people give so much value to items that appear to have no tangible value. As a brand, you might look at a series of metrics including impressions, brand recognition and goodwill generated by your promotional products to measure the effectiveness of your promotional products. But the recipient will use different parameters like functionality, usefulness and stylishness to assess whether they want to take your product or leave it. If you can create the same kind of buzz around your promotional giveaways as the big brands manage with their collectibles, then you’ll have a powerful marketing strategy to call upon.

The King of Collectibles: Coca-Cola

Brand loyalty is one of the central constructs of successful marketing, and creating collectible branded products helps to drive ever stronger brand recognition and loyalty. Coca Cola has been harnessing the power of the promotional item since the 19th century, and an 1891 or 1892 Coca Cola calendar that would have been used as a promotional giveaway is now worth around $10,000. Original metal signs can fetch in excess of $12,000.

Naturally part of the charm of these items for the collector is that their original use was quite utilitarian – to promote a particular brand of soft drink. Because these items were intended to be ephemeral, they’ve become of enormous interest to the collector and the range of items is huge – everything from fans and chewing gum to pocket knives and cufflinks. So massive is the interest in Coca Cola collectibles that the company now creates items like snow globes and polar bears to satisfy the demand.

Of course, many other brands have recognised the power of promotional collectibles and are keen to brand any item with their logo. And collectors fall in love with consistently high quality promotional giveaways and associate them directly with a company, creating a deep and emotional connection. It’s a lesson that applies to any promotional items – if they lack quality, style and functionality then your recipients won’t want to collect them, they’ll want to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Defining Collectibles Swag

So what qualities do collectible promotional items share? First with older brands there’s a sense of nostalgia, with products deliberately designed and styled to create a direct connection with the past and to create warm and fuzzy feelings in the recipient. For newer companies or franchises, value is delivered as an expression of a strong identity – think Super Mario or Star Wars – with a well defined identity that recipients and consumers identify with.

For an animal rescue charity we created a series of tote bags where the imagery that was printed was a hand drawing by a celebrity including Fearne Cotton, Ricky Gervais. The Collectibles are obviously not a cotton tote but the short run artwork on a novel canvas.

Creating promotional items that become coveted as collectible pieces is also an important marketing strategy for a brand like Coca Cola, who keep strict control over the products that they licence to be branded in their name. Having created an insatiable market, they need to feed it. Likewise, NatWest are revisiting their piggy banks as a promotional product, hoping that their new Pigby and Friends collectibles will prove as attractive to young savers as their predecessors in the 80s, and drive savings account to their bank.

If you can create covetable promotional characters that extends your brand into a collectible, then you can create a marketing environment where there are multiple points of contact between brand and consumer, where a trademark becomes a trustmark, differentiating your company in the marketplace and turning a branded item from a giveaway into a prized possession.

The team at Sussex Promotions has experience with manufacturing bespoke beanies, soft plush toys, bespoke money boxes, stress shapes, pvc key rings & USB bodies. If you have a character or idea you would like to bring to life then we have the past experience and factories to help you make them a reality.


Bespoke Plush Toys Make Great Promotional Giveaways

From the British & Irish Lions Rugby Union cuddly Lion mascot to 2012’s Wenlock and Mandeville, bespoke plush toys make great bespoke promotional giveaways, in 1966 we had World Cup Willie and in 2016 the BPMA used Ellie the Elephant who joined me on my Lands End to John O’Groats charity cycle ride.

Promotional plush toys

Mascots make great Bespoke Plush Toys

In one form or another mascots have been around for longer than you’d think. In fact the word mascot – from the French mascotte or lucky charm – was first used in English in the 1880s and quickly came to mean a good luck animal associated with a sporting club.

At first these would be live animals who would parade on the pitch, but increasingly they were replaced by the costumed characters we all know and love. These date from the 1960s, when World Cup Willie showed England the way to victory in the Football World Cup.

From Smokey the Scottish terrier with his mascot coat to the unforgettable Mischa the Bear, mascots have been endearing, unique and sometimes downright weird, but their ability to act as a beloved ambassador for a team or an event make them an invaluable promotional product for your company or charity event.

If you’re a follower of rugby you’ll know that BIL is the bespoke plush lion mascot for the British & Irish Lions rugby union on tour in New Zealand this year, and poor old Maro Itoje as the youngest player on tour has the responsibility of looking after him, while his team mates do their best to hide him from him!

Maro Itoje with Lions Mascot BIL

The Emotional Connection

Mascots are now big business for manufacturers of collectibles and memorabilia, and several – like the yellow lion bespoke plush toy given to winners at the Tour de France – are highly sought after. It was also announced this week that the Women’s Tour, the British cycling race that attracts the best riders in the world, would hand out their very own cuddly toy mascot. These instantly recognisable giveaways make for ‘must have’ marketing, even though you’d have to win a stage in one of the sport’s toughest men’s or women’s events to qualify!

But why do mascots work? Through familiarity. If you’re a football fan you grow up with your team’s mascot who can make you laugh and cry as your team faces triumph or defeat. In some way, mascots stand for something bigger than the sport – the Tour de France lion embodies all the qualities of courage, determination and discipline that a Grand champion cyclist needs. It’s a stretch to say that your plush toys will carry that kind of weight, but they definitely add value when used in a marketing context, conveying a sense of worth beyond their cost.

So why are plush toys such an endearing giveaway at sporting events? After all, they’re hardly macho and they don’t obey one of the prime rules of promotional products, that they be useful. But what plush toys do beautifully, and what makes them so covetable, is that they provoke an instant emotional response in the recipient which can help to create a positive impression of your brand.

Make it Your Own

The Credit Lyonnais Lion has been going strong since 1987, and even though the lion is no longer the bank’s symbol and they threatened to replace the cuddly lion with a trophy last year, good sense has prevailed.

There’s something completely exclusive about this particular giveaway that you can emulate if you spend some time getting your plush toy mascot right and customising their look.

Whether you design your mascot from scratch or simply add a scarf with a logo, the scope for creating a plush giveaway that reflects your business is huge. Create even greater ownership by encouraging your staff, or children at a local school, to get involved in designing your new business or charity mascot.

Better yet, your plush promotional item is unlikely to get left in the hotel room like your printed pen might. Even if the recipient isn’t a fan of plush toys, the chances are they know someone who is and who will be delighted to receive your plush mascot, thus giving your promotional product lasting power and your brand impression greater reach.

You’re not just exposing your brand to the original recipient but to everyone they come into contact with. So whether you’re plush promotional mascot sits on a desk or becomes a child’s favourite plaything, it’s creating impressions wherever it goes.

The Plush Fundraiser

If you’re promoting a good cause and using a charity sports event to raise money, then a plush toy can make an excellent fundraiser. It’s something that people are happy to take away in return for a donation yet will act as a lasting reminder of the good cause they contributed to. Obviously, a mascot makes sense for a sporting fundraiser and can then be reflected on a smaller scale in a plush toy, however strange they look – remember 2012 and how popular Wenlock and Mandeville were?

Low Cost, High Impact

Plush promotional items are a unique add on for any marketing campaign, helping you stand out from the crowd and gain a useful competitive edge.

Never underestimate the power of collectibles, with Beanie Babies and even Happy Meal toys selling for small fortunes. Promotional giveaways help you generate the kind of ‘must have’ buzz of more expensive campaigns and often outstrips them in terms of reach and retention.

One of the attractions of promotional products is their success as a low cost advertising medium with a big RoI that showcases your brand at an affordable price. A well chosen product, whether it’s a printed pen, branded powerbank or collectible plush, is the gift that really does keep on giving.

So Why do Bespoke Plush Toys work?

58% of all promotional products are kept for anywhere up to 4 years, according to a PPAI survey. If your bespoke plush toys were only to get looked at once a week that’s over 200 impressions, and you can multiply those out according to number of mascots and the fact that you’re likely to keep a cute plush item on display.

The PPAI also found that a good promotional product not only creates a positive impression of your business, but impacts positively on recommendations and customer loyalty, and what better product to create that emotional connection than a cute plush that has value and appeal across the generations.

If you want to create a promotional campaign that generates buzz far beyond its target market, then you need to consider promotional products and plush mascots as part of your marketing strategy.

To find out more about developing bespoke plush toys or mascots to help you communicate your message & build relationships with your target audience call Sussex Promotions, The Promotional Product Experts on 01273 651072 or visit the web site.


Chocolate Promotional Products, one of my favourites!

There are literally thousands of promotional products but some are real winner, one of my favourites are using Chocolate Promotional Products!

My first job was on a graduate training programme within the Office Products market, part of the programme was working with sales.

It struck me that sending a catalogue to a new client in the post in an envelope was exactly what all the competition would do.

So instead we starting hand delivering (that change the delivery time from all other post).

We used a printed carrier bag (that changed the packaging) instead of an envelope and inside was a catalogue, some product samples and in summer we added the treat of a bag of skittles and in the winter chocolate.

This was my first foray into using Chocolate as a sales & marketing tool and it certainly made for warmer follow-up calls.

Since entering the promotional product market I’ve realised the opportunities available with printed chocolates and confectionery items and it’s definately one of my favourites!

Little Fireworks of Happiness!

One of the key strengths to Promotional Products is their longevity, ensure a product is useful and it has the potential to hang around a long time communicating your message.

Printed chocolates and sweets are of course consumed, the packaging often discarded, although sometimes the packaging can make a useful container / pill pot.

But the use of promotional confectionery is not about ongoing promotion, it is about breaking the ice, saying thank you, building relationships, it is heart warming and cracks a smile on your customers and/or prospects’ faces.

I like our analogy of promotional products being Marketing Ninjas, they typically occupy Prime Marketing Real Estate such as your customer’s desktop, if useful they sit there everyday, being seen, being used and 24/7 deliver your brand, your logo, your message – silent ruthless marketing assassins!

Promotional sweets and chocolate promotional products however are more like little fireworks of happiness, they don’t hang around, they don’t continue to deliver that message but they do for a very short instance deliver happiness and when starting a relationship or building a relationship the little details matter.

We have many promotional sweet and printed chocolate solutions available in innovative packaging that can all be printed, there are also biscuit tins, mints, jelly beans, certainly plenty of choice.

The right Packaging for your Chocolate Promotional Products

Part of the decision making process as to the right sweets or chocolates is going to be largely influenced by the packaging available.

How the sweets and chocolate promotional products are going to be distributed will influence the choice of packaging and then narrowing the decision further will be the print requirements of the marketer and what print options either the sweet itself or the packaging offers.

If we are giving out promotional confectionery at a trade show or using a sales force to hand deliver then the size and shape of the packaging might have little bearing on the decision, however if the campaign is to create lumpy mail for a direct mail postal campaign then of course weight & size is going to have a major influence.

A Tin of Sweets, literally using a can with ring pull just like a tin of baked beans is a great form of packaging for trade shows and handing out sweets, however while certainly lumpy not necessarily the best mailer.

Chocolate Promotional Products Mailers

In our video below we love the 9 pack of Neapolitan Chocolates that will make a great addition to any mailing, we have a mortgage adviser client who adds these to his final mailing pack to his clients with all the contracts. He has of course done the deal but his little added treat is firstly unexpected and secondly just says thank you, and for Dean a major source of new clients is via referral, it can be the little things that just make the difference.

We use the Neapolitan Chocolate Squares ourselves for our own little thank yous, we send mugs to new clients after a job is complete and add to that mug a little bag of 6 printed Neapolitan Chocolate squares that always go down a treat and encourage customers to say a little thank you back. Another little firework of happiness!

In the video we also look at the box of 4 printed (scrummy!!) handmade Belgian chocolates come in a wide range of fillings and flavours! Yes the actual chocolate itself is printed! That in itself makes people stop, look, smile raise a question if at a trade show or conference. While they might not get shared, they do often get talked about!

So if you are looking to create that little firework of happiness, open doors, start an event with a smile, treat your audience with tea & chocolate, surprise and delight with a little lumpy mail then I recommend promotional sweets and printed chocolates, just remember to consider the logistics of delivery and the amount of print and we can help you narrow down the options. A good starting point is the web category: Promotional Sweets

Alternatively please just call us and we’ll find you the right printed promo sweets or chocolates for your marketing campaign, 01273 493618

If you’ve used Sweets or Chocolates we’d love to hear what you’ve used and how you presented them and have they worked?


Inspired by Retail Merchandise at Kruger National Park.

Over half-term week I visited South Africa and went on Safari, I stayed on a private game reserve but mid-way through the week we accepted the offer of a trip to the world famous Kruger National Park where I was Inspired by Retail Merchandise.

During the day we stopped at a camp and visited a retail outlet and of course we were hit by printed merchandise which got my interest.

Dye Sublimation Mugs

Of course out in the Kruger they have stunning imagery to work with and sadly campaigns to promote, in particular saving the Rhino against poachers, 2 of these beautiful animals are poached from Kruger EVERY day.

Tragic. Why? Because Chinese culture believes Rhino horn is a powerful aphrodisiac, as someone who bites their nails I can assure you as an aphrodisiac it’s absolutely useless and these buyers of Rhino horn would be far better off with Viagra but apparently that message is yet to be understood. Sadly time is running out.

Jute Bags

I digress!

I was Inspired by Retail Merchandise with two things:

  1. How good merchandise can be at supporting a campaign, be the objective raising awareness or fund raising or both
  2. How so many marketers and business people would enjoy wandering through this shop, be inspired by retail merchandise, possibly purchase some gifts for taking home but not see the connection that they can create the same feel good factor around their own brand if they create a story and a visual storyboard that engages their audience
Canvas Tote Bags

Everything that was available within this retail environment is available to the business, community, charity and education sectors.

Through product selection and decoration, through colour, material and imagery – desirable, useful gifts are being purchased at a premium by tourists and visitors in their thousands.

But exactly the same product mix, or a different product mix that better targets the needs and desires of any audience can be created and branded by any marketer to promote their business, community group, charity or school.

Mugs & Bottles – Save the Rhino

How will it make the customer feel?

But where such an approach is different to so many other marketing pillars available within the marketing mix is how it makes a customer (or prospect) feel.

We buy products from a tourist shop as holiday gifts for friends & family and just as we feel on our birthday and at Christmas we enjoy receiving a gift.

You can make your customers’ experience that same emotion through the use of business gifts, through decorating useful, desirable items in an interesting way and offering as a thank you gift or Christmas present.

Now you might not make much impact with a 25p pen but even then I guarantee the recipient will stay say “thank you!”

There is minimal emotional engagement with ads, web sites, emails, direct mail but through promotional products it is possible to engage the customer through all of their senses:

Merchandise engages with the customers’ senses

Taste – promotional chocolates, sweets and mints

Touch – all product requires a sense of touch

Sound – bang bang sticks, click-it tins, speakers, headphones, sound chips etc.

Sight – full colour printing is now available across almost all product categories, standard white product can be converted to visually stunning pieces

Smell – scratch & sniff, scented items etc.

Marketing Ninjas

Promotional products, business gifts, branded merchandise, printed mugs and pens ….whatever best describes your need – these items are the Marketing Ninjas of the promotional mix.

That mug, pen, mouse mat, coaster, key ring, phone holder, phone stand, wrist rest, drinking glass, stapler, highlighter, umbrella, cap, fleece, gilet that you use TODAY, that is someone’s Marketing Ninja.

They gave you that product and you said “thank you,” it was an unexpected gift, you liked the look & feel, it was useful and you were grateful.

And every time you use that item you see that logo, subconsciously your brain sees that company, that brand, that sales person, that exhibition stand, that product and just reminds you..

do you need some more? do you need another? do you need something else? Have you visited the web site? Wouldn’t you love to go there again? I must tell Andy about that….. etc etc..

Silently the Marketing Ninja just hangs around, on the desk, in the car, on the back of the chair, on the bedside table….communicating without disturbing – no phone call, no email just there, reminding.

Inspired by Retail Merchandise, what next?

Like all marketing, promotional products needs some time, investment and a strategy. We don’t send an email without thinking of the headline, the content, the audience and the call to action, the follow-up and the what’s next. And so it should be with merchandise. WHO are we gifting, WHY are we gifting, HOW are we gifting, WHAT are we gifting, WHEN are we gifting is a good start, and if you have some pictures of your product with a Rhino in the background with a setting sun that will be even better!


Printed Sports Bottles – The Perfect Promotional Item?

In the past I’ve written of the 5 key ingredients for success with promotional products, Printed Sports Bottles are a very popular product line with us and when measured against my 5 key ingredients you can see they’re a perfect promotional item.

The ingredients for success are:

  1. The ‘promotional product’ has to be useful
  2. Secondly the product should be colourful
  3. The design needs to be appealing
  4. Avoid the false economy
  5. Understand your objective

Take a look at the below, and immediately we can see why printed sports bottles make such great promotional products.

H2O Water Bottles

Is the product useful?

It used to be just the preserve of sports people training that would have the need for carrying water / sports drink. As the importance of hydration in everyday life has become more mainstream, everyone from school kids to office workers are carrying water with them. All target demographics will appreciate this promotional gift.

The product is colourful.

Available in vast different colour ways with added versatility with the option for a secondary colour with different coloured lid options to the bottle colour.

If the colour of a printed logo is more important, then white or translucent bottles with a colour printed logo and maybe complimentary lid colour will work well also.

Appealing designs

There are many alternative styles the sports bottles comes in, the appeal further enhanced through colour combinations and printed logos as mentioned above, in particular the product works well with clubs where the colour combination & print identifies with the club, the user either being a supporter or a member.

The False Economy

The ingredient “avoiding the false economy” by this we refer to basically buying on price and ending up with a ‘bargain’ but as a result a promotional item that is not going to be used as there are better quality products that recipients will use over & above the bargain. Promotional Sports bottles are no different, pay that little bit extra for features that people will love and the marketing effectiveness improves exponentially.

There is no point engaging with promotional products if you don’t understand your purpose and your objective, but if a printed promotional sports bottle is going to be well received by your target audience and you have a message to deliver, then it’s quite possibly perfect!

Please give us a call today to discuss how we can help with your promotional products on 01273 651073 or leave a comment below.


Branded Easter Eggs – make your customer smile!

Easter Sunday is March 31st giving you five weeks to execute a great marketing activity for your best customers. Chocolate and right now Branded Easter Eggs are a sure fire winner for about 95% of the population. It’s just a great feel good treat that apart from those still on their New Year diets are going to love!

Branded Easter Eggs

The traditional Branded Easter Egg box is available in a range of different sizes, but a fully bespoke Easter Egg box printed full colour to your exact specification and brand is available from as little as 100 pieces.

If well packed in secondary packaging the Branded Easter Eggs might survive the postal system, but probably best for hand delivery or a real treat for visitors to your exhibition stand this March/April.

Branded Easter Egg Boxes

What’s the first things any customer or prospect asks at a meeting, “Fancy a Cuppa?” just imagine the ice breaking when you reply with “Sure! and I’ve brought you an Easter Egg!”

Alternative Chocolate Promotional Products

There are lots of alternative chocolate promotional products some of which will make a terrific item of lumpy mail, better for mailing through its shape & weight.

See Andrew talking through some alternatives in our video below:

Alternatively, a printed mug actually makes a surprisingly good mailing as there are good, tried and tested mailing cartons available that will protect the mug and ensure it arrives in one piece.

Add chocolate to the mug & packaging and you have the perfect Easter promotion, create a little happiness with chocolate but also hang around with the long lasting printed promotional mug that could be used for months, if not years, but always have that subconscious feel good link to the chocolate that was inside it!

We’re at the end of winter, Easter marks the start of spring, a busy business quarter ahead before the summer, a great time to kick start 2013 and shake-off those winter blues.

Andrew Nash is Managing Director of Sussex Promotions, your one stop shop for all promotional items including sweets and chocolates.

If you have a comment about promo chocolates, branded Easter Eggs or lumpy mail we’d love to hear from you – please use the section below!