What’s in the Promotional Bag

Jute Farmer with Crop

What’s in the Promotional Bag?   Promotional bags are a large product category for the Promotional Merchandise industry, a huge volume is given away at exhibitions and events, but also bags can be used as ‘gift bags’ or even in some cases as gifts themselves. Focusing on the exhibition and … [Read more...]

Good News – Recycling rates rise!

As champions of all things green - especially promotional products and personalised promotional merchandise made from recycled materials - it is wonderful to see that recycling rates in England are 'creeping' up once again. News released from Defra this week shows that recycling rates across the … [Read more...]

Take action on Earth Day


How would you like to take action on Earth Day 2011 and join in with a worldwide event that culminates in a billion acts of green? Well, of course you would! Indeed, we can bet that you would like to get your business involved as well. As lovers of all thinks eco, including energy saving devices, … [Read more...]

Does your SME lack the resources to be green?

Does your small or medium sized business lack the resources to be green? Are you struggling hard enough to keep your business alive on a day to day basis, without the added headache of trying to be eco? If so, don't feel too bad, because according to the latest research, you are not alone! The … [Read more...]

Must have guide for going green SMEs!

When you consider that the green market is worth over £3 trillion worldwide, it is not really surprising that the Carbon Energy Trust have produced a free guide for SMEs in the UK, to help them find their place within that sector. The guide - 'Green Your Business for Growth' – is designed to point … [Read more...]

Does your business trust you?

A recent survey has revealed that many customers do not actually believe that the eco and green claims companies are making are true. The shocking results of the Carbon Trust Survey showed that less than ten percent of all consumers actually believe the claims businesses make. In fact, only seven … [Read more...]

Beyond Earth Hour… Remember your pledge!

Earth Hour 2011 was the most successful to date, with businesses, organisations and individuals around the globe signing up and switching off. Sydney Harbour was once again plunged into darkness, as were skyscrapers in Singapore, the Parliament House in Pakistan and Buckingham Palace. Turning off … [Read more...]

Wales edges closer to plastic bag charge

October 1st 2011, will be a day that changes the face of shopping in Wales forever. From that day, the Welsh Assembly Government will be enforcing a penalty fee for shoppers for single use plastic bags. The fee, which is thought to be set to at least a minimum of 5p per bag, will have to be paid by … [Read more...]

‘Sexy’ Eco Lightbulb wins award

As our customers know, we specialise in eco promotional products and environmentally friendly promotional merchandise. So it is in our vested interests to keep abreast of new and innovative eco products that come to market. Lighting the way for a new breed of 'sexy' eco products, a new take on an … [Read more...]

Prince’s Eco House inspires greener living, but could you inspire greener business?

The Ideal Home Show at Earls Court will feature a house fit for a king, or rather for Prince Charles, who has turned his green fingers towards providing a 'blueprint' to which house builders can aspire. Running until the 27th March, the exhibition features a replica of an eco home which employs … [Read more...]