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What Promotional Products are people buying during Coronavirus?

I thought it would be useful to share what Promotional Products people are buying during the Coronavirus lockdown as these are such a powerful marketing tool to communicate with customers and employees during lockdown.

It is easy in this unprecedented crisis to batten down the hatches, shut the doors, turn off the phones and walk away. But while this situation won’t end quickly, it will end, and the challenge for us all in business is to try to ensure our business survive this storm.

In looking for inspiration I only need to review the actions of some of our customer & supplier base, to draw strength from their fighting spirit, resourcefulness, ideas and creativeness.

With my team furloughed, below is some of the promotional products enquiries & design ideas that I have been processing over the past week. I hope it gives you a little food for thought as to how you too can communicate with your staff and customers and effectively Keep in Touch.

Much of our sector has started selling PPE products, I’m not particularly comfortable with that, I don’t believe I am an expert, I don’t fully understand the regulations and I don’t have a history with a supply chain.

Hand Sanitiser

One promotional product we have always sold which has of course exploded in demand is Hand Sanitiser. A month a go as soon as stock landed it was sold before I could get an email posted!

Things are a little calmer, a bit like stock piling at the supermarkets, the supply chain has caught up and you can now buy Hand Sanitiser fairly easily.

We have this UK made sanitiser available, comes in a 50ml bottle and is available either with a genric label or with a bespoke digitally printed label. MOQ is 100 bottles are the lead time is 7-10 working days.

Image of a bottle of Hand Sanitiser with a bespoke printed label, a really useful & valuable promotional product during Coronavirus

Face Masks

Another product that is related to PPE but not specifically tested as such is Face Masks.

Sustainable and washable Face Masks made from cotton or polyester as opposed to single use varieties are being requested.

Face Masks are quite common on the news reporting from Far East Asian countries, historically fighting pollution but I see these becoming as common as wearing a hat in the UK. Providing us and the people we come into contact with a little protection from airborne droplets etc.

There are options for printing through dye sublimation and creating almost a fashion piece, I see corporates being able to dye masks to their corporate colours, maybe use tie-dye effects to create something that is on-brand without it maybe being a logo over someone’s mouth & face!

At the moment it is a small cottage industry of machinsts turning their equipment to supplying the front line NHS but I foresee this sort of thing will become mainstream and some manufacturers and printers within the promotional product industry are looking into product development.

Image shows a dye sublimation printed bespoke face mask, , a really useful & promotional product to protect during Coronavirus

Moving away from PPE, what other products are we seeing being requested and developed within the promotional product sector?

Promo Product Ideas

We have processed orders for Chocolates & Hand Creams as thank yous for front line NHS and Care Home workers.

A great idea for Home Workers which we quoted yesterday was for bespoke printed Yoga Mats. We have options for either a mat supplied in a printed drawstring bag, or if budgets allow for a full colour, full 100% coverage bespoke printed yoga mat with no limitation in colour or design.

Company messaging regarding wellbeing, a thank you, an image all staff members can relate too could be applied.

Available from just 20 pieces I thought this was a fabulous gift for house bound office workers encouraging them to stay healthy. Maybe even a 3 month subscription to an online class could be offered too.

Image of a bespoke printed yoga mat that makes a great gift to home workers during the Coronavirus shut down

Social Distancing Messages

Social Distancing, much like furlough, are new words to my dictionary, and once lockdown is released a key requirement and directive from the Government will be that we maintain our Social Distance.

Another product that is being ordered in preparation for the unlocking of employees and hopefully some social interaction is printed clothing & workwear with Social Distance messages.

Image shows printed t-shirts a promotional product that communicates social distancing during the Coronavirus
Image shows printed Hi Viz Jackets a promotional product that communicates social distancing during the Coronavirus

If you would like to see other examples of some of the pre-printed designs we have come up with please email me.

Of course the Social Distancing and Coronavirus messaging isn’t unique to clothing and clients are being creative with the artwork they are asking us to print to their promotional merchandise.

While it is harder to send promotional gifts to clients that are furloughed or working from home, many clients have taken the opportunity to either send gifts promoting wellbeing and recognition to their staff at their homes, or we have seen enourmous generosity through clients sending gift packs to frontline NHS staff.

Some design ideas for Covid-19 related merchandise include Keep Calm and Keep Distance, Heart Shape messages for the NHS and the hashtag #WFH

Image shows a range of promotional products that communicate messages to staff and customers during the Coronavirus

The following designs have all been created to make it easy for us to personalise product & clothing to help you deliver your message to employees or customers, each can be tweaked to your own brands as required.

Image shows a range of promotional messages that can be printed onto promotional products and clothing that communicate messages to staff and customers during the Coronavirus

Promotional Products are a powerful marketing tool at any time of year, but right now, during this unprecedented pandemic maintaining lines of communication with employees as well as customers is crucial for long term survival. I hope the above provides some inspiration for your next marketing campaign!

#StayHome #StaySafe

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