Want to get noticed? Try lumpy direct mail.

Want to get noticed? How many emails did you receive today? And how many letters? Lumpy Direct Mail will get your message read, read on for more info…

With email open rates consistently falling, direct mail, the physical through the letter box stuff can be the only way to get a message read, and lumpy direct mail is the addition of a product into the mailing that makes it that bit ‘lumpy’ and therefore creates a bit of interest and excitement for the recipient.

The On-line Crowd

People often describe on-line media such as twitter, facebook, google+ as networking rooms where people are just shouting louder and louder trying to be heard, but still everyone is climbing over themselves to get into this room, apparently it’s the in-place!

The Off-line Space

I have a different idea, let’s swim upstream, do something different, you want to get noticed? I recommend you try lumpy direct mail which still very much has its place within the marketing mix.

Email marketing is much the same, my inbox has a constant stream of emails from suppliers, wannabe suppliers and spammers vying for my attention, and unless the headline happens to grab my attention, in the bin it goes.

Do you know how much physical mail I received today?

Nothing, not one piece of mail landed on my desk, I wonder how much you received? What’s the ratio of sales & marketing emails received to Direct Mail, and if done well then the below cartoon may just ring true.

The key is obviously Direct Mail done with thought, not just a letter and leaflet, but a well considered marketing piece, using lumpy mail– the sort of mail that provides intrigue due to its size, shape, bulk and rewards the recipient on opening with a little gift.

Here at Sussex we use various forms of direct mail, we mail mugs filled with chocolate, we send catalogue packs filled with goodies, we send newsletters and at Christmas and Easter we often send promotional gifts to our customer base.

Why use Lumpy Mail?

At the minimum it acts as a marketing touch, a reminder to our point of contact, but at its best and most effective we send a useful promotional product to a customer who is (1) grateful and (2) whatever gift we have sent lasts for months and acts as a little reminder of us, subliminally if on the desk top acting as a constant advert and puts us at arms reach for when we are needed next.

Such product ideas we have used include individually personalised desk top calendars, printed mugs with chocolate, coasters, chocolate Santas and printed sticky notes.

Each item, the product, the product colour, the printed message etc have all been carefully considered for the market.

When was the last time you sent your customers a little reminder by post? 

For help and ideas to find the right product to deliver your message to your market please get in touch, we’ll be happy to help, call the team 01273 493618.