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Love Island’s Personalised Water Bottles are this summer’s must have.

From the Gululu water bottle that uses the old idea of the Tamagochi virtual friend to the buzz around the personalised water bottles on Love Island, it looks like water bottles are the must have promotional products accessory of the summer.

I’m not watching Love Island, honest 😉 my sons are!

Personalised Water Bottles

Love Island seems to have seized the public imagination like never before this year, and is inescapable on social media where the ins and outs of the relationships on the dating reality show seem to be always trending. However, what seems to have really caught the imagination of twitter users is not the sexual shenanigans but the water bottle from which the uniformly attractive daters drink.

Like Coke’s hugely successful ‘share a Coke’ campaign, these personalised water bottles have become an absolute must have and are selling through the show’s accompanying app for £15 each. It’s a price the show’s legion of fans seem more than happy to pay. The bottles themselves are unremarkable, but it’s all about the personalisation and the close identification with the show.

Exactly like the successful Coke campaign, Love Island is targeted squarely at teens and Millennials and the personalised water bottles act on the idea that, in the Age of You, such personalisation is completely irresistible. However ironic the interest in Love Island and its personalised water bottles may be, the interest they have generated serves to give viewers their own little piece of the brand.

Image of the Love Island bottle within the TV show's bespoke App store.

Make a Friend

Where the Love Island works on teens and Millennials who want a piece of the island lifestyle through a personalised accessory, the Gululu is aimed squarely at younger children who may not drink enough water, which can lead to cognitive impairment and poor health. Trying to persuade your offspring to stay hydrated can be a struggle for any parent – research shows that around 50% of children and young people don’t drink enough liquid – but a bottle that helps an animated pet to grow is sure to help.

It works like this: your child chooses a virtual pet from the Gululu website and as they drink from their water bottle, their pet develops becoming a proper companion and expressing a range of emotions from sadness and loneliness to happiness. The more often your child remembers to drink, the happier their virtual friend will be.

And the application of technology doesn’t stop there. Kids can shake their bottles together to make their Gululu friends pals with each other, while parents can track water intake on the smartphone app. To put it simply, Gululu just might be the tech savvy way to encourage your child to make good health choices.

Summer Fun

There’s no doubt that focusing your summer advertising campaigns around a promotional water bottle is a smart move, because when the thermometer climbs everybody needs water. Therefore providing your customers with reusable water bottles will create a positive connection and lasting memory because you’ve fulfilled a need.

Branded water bottles give you a substantial space on which to print your logo on a promotional product that everyone will be happy to have in the summer. They also have an extraordinary reach, being useful for both the office and for leisure activities like going to the gym or a day at the beach.

Image of the Tutti Frutti personalised water bottles range available for branding by companies by Sussex Promotions
The Tutti Frutti water bottle available in white plus four alternative base colours with a company logo or message printed

Expand Your Brand Awareness

The number of impressions your branded water bottle will make notwithstanding, the water bottle is an exceptional promotional product because it’s eye catching and functional and will help to drive the message that your company promotes healthy choices.

The range of events for which you can use water bottles is endless and there’s a style to suit every budget, from metal bottles to BPA free plastic bottles that come in a wide range of colours – and many resemble the much sought after Love Island model.

We have a wide range of shapes, styles, materials and colours – the catalogue collection can be found here.

Though not as inexpensive as a branded pen, a logo water bottle plays into the exclusivity of the personalised bottle and its sheer usefulness makes it a must have in hot weather.

Stay Safe in the Sun

Of course staying adequately hydrated in the summer isn’t the only safety precaution you need to take, and if you want to take the water bottle one step further you could put together a ‘summer sun safety kit’ for favoured customers, top employees or even as a prize in a social media contest. Alongside the branded water bottle you could include branded sunscreen to protect the skin, sunglasses for the eyes and a large logo golf umbrella to act as a sunshade.

Putting together this kind of a pack – you could also include a first aid kit and a safety whistle – not only shows your appreciation for clients and employees but puts your brand out there wherever people are having fun. And when the recipients apply lotion or slip on their shades they’ll be creating favourable impressions of your brand with a product that never seems to go out of style.

Drinkware is one of our favourite product categories from printed mugs, branded sport bottles, thermal mugs and cups – they make great gifts and due to their usefulness they generate massive impressions of your brand every day with your target audience.

Please do contact the sales team for quotes and visuals of promotional drinkware for your next campaign this summer.

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