Branded Easter Eggs – make your customer smile!

Chocolate is a promotional product favourite, always delivering a little happiness. At Easter branded easter egg boxes are a great seasonal item that are bound to open doors and generate a warm conversation or thank you.

Easter Sunday is March 31st giving you five weeks to execute a great marketing activity for your best customers. Chocolate and right now Branded Easter Eggs are a sure fire winner for about 95% of the population. It’s just a great feel good treat that apart from those still on their New Year diets are going to love!

Branded Easter Eggs

The traditional Branded Easter Egg box is available in a range of different sizes, but a fully bespoke Easter Egg box printed full colour to your exact specification and brand is available from as little as 100 pieces.

If well packed in secondary packaging the Branded Easter Eggs might survive the postal system, but probably best for hand delivery or a real treat for visitors to your exhibition stand this March/April.

Branded Easter Egg Boxes

What’s the first things any customer or prospect asks at a meeting, “Fancy a Cuppa?” just imagine the ice breaking when you reply with “Sure! and I’ve brought you an Easter Egg!”

Alternative Chocolate Promotional Products

There are lots of alternative chocolate promotional products some of which will make a terrific item of lumpy mail, better for mailing through its shape & weight.

See Andrew talking through some alternatives in our video below:

Alternatively, a printed mug actually makes a surprisingly good mailing as there are good, tried and tested mailing cartons available that will protect the mug and ensure it arrives in one piece.

Add chocolate to the mug & packaging and you have the perfect Easter promotion, create a little happiness with chocolate but also hang around with the long lasting printed promotional mug that could be used for months, if not years, but always have that subconscious feel good link to the chocolate that was inside it!

We’re at the end of winter, Easter marks the start of spring, a busy business quarter ahead before the summer, a great time to kick start 2013 and shake-off those winter blues.

Andrew Nash is Managing Director of Sussex Promotions, your one stop shop for all promotional items including sweets and chocolates.

If you have a comment about promo chocolates, branded Easter Eggs or lumpy mail we’d love to hear from you – please use the section below!

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