Promotional Products for Kids!

What’s the number one rule for promotional products? Yes….it’s got to be useful, if it’s useful for your target audience then they will use it, if they use it they will see it and if they see it they see and read your brand or your message.

Now might seem the wrong time of year for suggesting promotional products for school children but now is the perfect time to start preparing for their return to school, a new term and a new year in September.

You might question ‘selling’ to children, and how promotional products can really be relevant.

This is the danger of assuming that promotional products are only about selling & marketing….far from it, promotional products are a great communicator, brilliant for delivering a message to the recipient.

Kids are of course the sponges they are for new information, but not just about Maths, English and Geography think about all the other lessons, the life skills they are picking up, skills that can be re-inforced and better communicated through useful practical promotional products

·         Save Energy – Switch off the Lights?

·         Stop Look Listen!

·         Please Recycle me!

·         Stranger – Danger

·         Etc..

For kids there is no end to the stationery they love, toys and games to play with, bags for school etc. all can be printed with a message, and of course all of these meet the key criteria of being useful which means the kids will see, play and use these items on a regular basis and each time both conscious and subconsciously read the message and/or with it remember the important lesson being conveyed.

promotional products for kidsHave you a message you communicate with children? Let us know and we’ll see what product ideas we can put forward, please use the comments section below!

Andrew Nash is Managing Director at Sussex Promotions, the UK’s Promotional Product Experts. Established over 10 years, ISO 9001 & BPMA Charter Status accredited, Sussex Promotions are your one-stop shop for printed promotional products.

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