Promotional Products for the Holidays!

What’s the number one rule for promotional products? Yes….it’s got to be useful, if it’s useful for your target audience then they will use it, if they use it they will see it and if they see it they see and read your brand or your message.

So at this time of year, and with the glorious weather at the minute what’s the one thing on everyone’s mind, ok, probably two things – how to keep cool and can’t wait for summer holidays!

So have you got a product or message that works around a summer theme? A message that is relevant to anyone going on holiday or is on holiday?

·         How to protect your valuables abroad?

·         Who to call in an emergency when abroad?

·         How to make cheap phone calls from Europe?

·         7 tips if you breakdown in France.

·         Etc..

By using the different brand techniques available to us nearly anything can be printed with a message or logo, turning everyday useful items into a promotional product for your company. Below are some summer holiday product ideas, all brandable:


It doesn’t matter if your product or message doesn’t lend itself to a summer holiday theme, the point is what does your target audience do, how old are they, what sex are they, where do they work, what do they do, what are their interests, what gift or promotional product can you give them that they will use, and therefore see, ideally every day?

Let us know some of the answers to the questions above and we’ll see what product ideas we can put forward, please use the comments section below!

Andrew Nash is Managing Director at Sussex Promotions, the UK’s Promotional Product Experts. Established over 10 years, ISO 9001 & BPMA Charter Status accredited, Sussex Promotions are your one-stop shop for printed promotional products.

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