A buyer’s guide to Printed Golf Tees

The most popular promotional golfing product is the golf ball, but in terms of unit pieces sold wooden printed golf tees are up there as a very popular golf day accessory.

Having recently processed an order I discovered a whole new side to golf that even as a player I’ve never really thought about before, golf tee length!

Printed Golf Tees come in two lengths, a 54mm and a 70mm!

printed golf tees

A golf tee may be used for the first shot on each hole from the marked ‘driving’ area, all other shots are played off the fairway or the green as they finish.

Modern, strong but lightweight, materials allow modern day golf club heads to be significantly bigger than they have been in the past, these new clubs have a high MOI (Moment of Intertia) and (in theory!) are easier to use allowing players to hit the ball further and more accurately than before.

The actual maximum size manufacturers may make the club heads is governed by golf’s ruling body – The Royal & Ancient Golf Club, St Andrews, Scotland. Club face depth is a maximum 7cms, width 12.5 cms and the overall maximum volume is 460 cubic centimeters.

As a result of these over-sized new club heads so the length of golf tee has had to increase too, when a ball is on the tee and aligned with the ‘driver’ club, the top edge of the driver (when it sits on the ground) should be at least level with the middle of the golf ball, as the top edge has got higher, so has the tee had to get longer to position the ball accordingly!

So when buying printed golf tees, I would steer towards the 70mm length, if necessary the length can always be reduced by pushing further in the ground….but it’s a lot more difficult to make a 54mm tee longer!

Andrew Nash is Managing Director at Sussex Promotions, the UK’s Promotional Product Experts. Established over 10 years, ISO 9001 & BPMA Charter Status accredited, Sussex Promotions are your one-stop shop for printed promotional products.

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