Clean up with another great Promotional Product!

promotional products

My wife has a friend who is a biology teacher, last week we got onto the unsavoury discussion about germs, and how in research they have taken swabs from door handles and other surfaces and then looked to see what cultures they could grow and examine under microscopes. The results are not … [Read more...]

Print Technology changing the face of Promotional Products

promotional products

As you might imagine I get asked this question a lot! “What is the new, hot, Promotional Product!” For which I have two answers, the flippant: “if I show you a ten year old product idea that you’ve never seen before, it will be new!” and the more genuine: “for me it is less about the product these … [Read more...]

A great example of Printed Promotional Products – done right!

promotional products

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know my mantra for promotional product success is that firstly the product should be useful, bought with the target audience in mind, and secondly that the print should be attractive. I have known Emma at door22 for many years, we both started our fledgling … [Read more...]

Pink Promotional Products in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

promotional products

October 2012 is Breast Cancer Awareness Month when thousands of people across the country will ‘Go Pink’ for breast cancer and aim to raise money for the 48,000+ women diagnosed with the disease every year. Every day, 130 UK women are diagnosed with breast cancer. That means more than 4,000 mums, … [Read more...]

Bespoke Watches offer something different in Promotional Products

promotional bespoke watches

If I say Promotional Products do you think mugs, pens and mouse mats and feel a little uninspired? Of course you do, while carefully considered mugs & pens with great branding can do a great job promoting your company - you might feel there must be more! Indeed there is, our Promotional … [Read more...]

Another ‘useful’ Promotional Product idea

promotional tissue cup

We have spoken before of the power of promotional products if they are (i) useful and (ii) if it has great design, because of course a used product is a seen product and a seen product will have so much more marketing impact if it’s visually appealing. The key of course is understanding the … [Read more...]

Promotional Products occupy Prime Marketing Real Estate.

promotional desk calendar

It is not our customer’s job to remember to do business with us - a solution to any problem is just a few keystrokes with Google away, all those emails are in the bin, the adverts in the dark, and sorry the telephone call is just at the wrong time. In B2b Marketing the desk-top is prime marketing … [Read more...]

9 Raison d’être to think Promotional Products?

A magazine advert lives in the dark - a promotional product lives on the desk A magazine advert last a few seconds, a mug lasts for years A promotional product raises awareness Or might say “Thank you” Just be a little fun Or add a splash of colour Provide an educational message “Stay … [Read more...]

Printed Promotional Products, Charging Ahead

promotional products

Smartphones & tablets have seen an explosion in popularity and growth and as ever with such products the accessories market quickly follows suit as the market maximizes sales opportunities beyond the initial device. Such product ranges as smartphone holders, earpieces, ipad cases, and the one … [Read more...]

How can Printed Sticky Notes drive Facebook traffic?

I think printed sticky notes are a cracking promotional product, of course they meet the first criteria for success – they are very useful! Secondly they can be printed full colour making them visually attractive and very powerful communicators. Add the maths, where 1000 printed sticky note pads … [Read more...]